After hundreds of games have been submitted, 15 made it to the finalist round. Over thousand of votes have been casted but only one game can win the second Appodeal Indie Game Blast Off Contest of 2017.

The game developer with the most votes wins a unique opportunity for a mobile install ad campaign powered by Appodeal's Intelligent Ad Mediation to acquire 10,000 new players, 1-on-1 mentorships with mobile gaming publishers and experts, and entry to Indie Prize and Casual Connect to blast off his or her game to a new stratosphere of popularity!

And the grand prize winner is...

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By Emanuel Amler

Poor Teddy has enough of the dirty city with all the horrible pollution… It´s time for him to travel to his very own magical house on the countryside of the beautiful Austrian Alps! 

Take care of Teddy and help him take care of the house and garden and to enjoy a life full adventurous quests!


Super Happy Party Minigames


By Lee McCance (Super Happy Games)

Who is the best gamer in the family? 

These fun family games will test your skill with easy, hard and nearly impossible games. Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister or you? This game will test all of your skills and find out who is the best gamer. So you may be the best gamer at home and beat the family but can you rise up the leaderboard and beat the best gamers in the World?

Super Happy Party is designed to test your real gaming skills. Each minigame features a different gaming skill, swipe, tap, repeat, find, react. Can you unlock and beat all of the minigames?


Save Mongwau


By Daniel Nadkin

A runner adventure with a story of a girl named Mika. Like every member of Mika's tribe, she has her own soul spirit - Mongwau. Evil wizard named Otaktay who was expelled from the Mika's tribe decided to steal Mongwau from Mika.

Now it's up to you how fast Mika will save Mongwau!



Astro Crash

 South Korea

By Jordan Comino (Affable Games)

Can you swallow the galaxy? Create hilarious spaceships by crashing into smaller ships and fusing with their junk to grow in your own special way. 

Collect a bunch of cool spaceships like the Lightning Cat, Space Love, Super Charged Hot-Rod, and more! Win them all and fly in style.



Warrior Rush


By Jorge Castano (Amazing Soul Games)

Warrior Rush is an exciting and challenging runner, full of magical scenarios, deadly traps and terrifying bosses. 

Take the role as a warrior trying to save his princess who was kidnapped by the powerful evil archmage. 

Do you think yourself worthy of the task? Think again because it will be hard!



Pirate Match Adventure


By Salvador Ruiz Lopez (Playgram Games)

Join the most experienced crew and embark on a pirate adventure aboard Pirate Match Adventure. Travel through the 7 seas, visit exotic islands and defeat the fiercest opponents from your pirate ship. Pirate Match Adventure is the most addictive match 3 video game yet, which you can download totally free.

If you want to become the most feared pirate ever, you will have to join elements of the same colour to find chests full of coins, which will allow you to move to the next level.




Western Guns EP01


By Ernandes Santiago (Zeexs)

Hi cowboys! If you like wild west games, You must not miss this chance to play this western style game. Here you can find everything that a wild west cowboy game needs to have. Saddle your horse, draw you guns, face the enemies and protect the western village from the outlaws. You can also play in multiplayer mode with your friends in this great western cowboy shooting game.


Elemental Heroes: Epoch of Arena


By Alex Dovgodko (Jed Games)

Elemental Heroes is a PVP MMO RPG with classical turn based combat. You will fight monsters, collect resources, improve your magic and army - do everything to win real people in tough PVP! There is a world consisting of three portals to fight and to explore. Each portal has its own rules, opponents and treasures. Will you be a part of this world or will you rule it?



Dr. Darkness


By Emre Akbaba (Babil Studios)

Join the nail-biting, dazzling and captivating rpg 2d platform sidescroller and you’ll have a new hack and slash game. In the dark evil world, the black magician had hit the ashes and whispered his magical words. With a frightening sound, the sun started to get covered with scary dusty dark clouds. The darkness and shadows started taking over the whole world. Use the powerful Dr. Darkness and showcase your heroics. It is needed to save the world from the undeniably dangerous force of the evil! 


Steve Punk


By Simone Valenti (Trinacria Mobile)

Help Steve Punk to capture the Swangfren, cute little colourful robots, and collect cool disguises. 100 levels full of obstacles and troublesome little devils, thieves and skulls…

Enjoy the fantastic sound track and vintage sound effects!


Big Journey

 South Korea

By Evgeniy Rodikov (Barduck Games)

Join this fascinating journey full of interesting puzzles!

Leane is waiting for your help in this fun adventure! Travel with her to utmost ends of the world and outwit guileful villains named Grayness and Gloom. Don’t forget to capture the best moments!




By Simon Michelmore (Tn Software)

Matching color, brain teasing fun ... with lasers and the occasional explosion thrown in.

Part sliding block puzzle. Part color matching.. All mind-bending strangeness. Use your incredible skills to slide blocks around and solve every puzzle, earning stars as you go. The more stars you light up, the greater your reward. Ascend the ranks and unlock more challenging puzzles and new themes!

Do you have what it takes to make the connection?



Pet Petters

By Jani Tietäväinen (Seepia Games)

"Meet Fluffy the cat, Rufus the dog, Leo the Gekko, Lori the rabbit and other adorable pets in this addicting idle petting game."
You manage the pet daycare center to where all sorts of family pets come to be treated for a day. Your job is to take care of them by petting them so that they feel satisfied. As the pets feel satisfied, new ones come to be stroked.

The more you pet, the more you meet new pets!


UPO: Alien Rescue

By Richard Wilson (rikkir inc)

Fly from planet to planet and pick up aliens (Hoopsies) spread through the endless galaxy. You need to make breathtaking curves between planets to pick up as many aliens as you can before you hit an asteroid and damage your UFO.


Collect or Die

By Graham Smith (Super Smith Bros)
United Kingdom

A hardcore retro platformer with dynamic ragdoll physics and over the top stickman gore. Collect coins and escape the lab or just watch stickman die in brutal and hilarious ways. Run, jump & dodge your way to victory.

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