Hundreds of mobile indie game developers around the world submitted their game to the first Appodeal Indie Game Blast Off Contest.

Twelve top finalists were chosen for their potential to become the next big mobile game.

After an intensely competitive public voting period, one game successfully pulled ahead...

Grand Prize Winner


By Habib Niazi (Grandline Studios)
United Kingdom Fill the color wheel by matching the ball to the colored sections.

Tap to shoot the ball, use your timing and skills to fill the color wheel to complete the level and earn stars.

Watch out for the obstacles, they will block your path! Use powerups to help you get past challenging levels and get a perfect rating.


Grand prize WINNER OF:

  • 10,000 installs of game powered by Appodeal's Intelligent Ad Mediation
  • 1-on-1 mentorship with mobile gaming industry experts
  • Guaranteed spot at the Indie Prize showcase
  • Free access and accommodation for Casual Connect 2017

1st Runner-Up

Dot Me Out!


By Marcin Król

Dot Me Out! is a puzzle game that allows the player to become a little ball trying to escape from each level.

The only thing you need to do is to find a way out. To do so you need to draw the lines to move the ball between deadly obstacles. The ball may have different colors and is bouncing from same color obstacles.

This is a brain training game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy! This game tests your logical thinking and prediction skills. Sometimes good reflex is also useful. All stages are made by hand, no randomized levels!

Can you do this?

2nd Runner-Up

City Lines


By Phong Thai (Genix Lab)

Isn't it cool when you can travel around the world and visit lots of famous and wonderful cities just by solving puzzles?

Yeah, of course you can do this in City Lines!

All you have to do is connect the right dots, but be careful — it's trickier than it seems.

In City Lines, you have to draw lines to connect color dots to fill the board to solve the puzzle and create your own beautiful and amazing cities.



Loony Quack


By Andrew Salomatin (Near Fancy)

Welcome to the wacky and funny world of Loony Quack! His lands are crowded with crazy drakes and ducks. Arm yourself with a bit of time, good humor, and start to throw eggs in everything that moves on the screen of your mobile device. In this arcade game you will feel like a medieval archer, who uses an eggs instead of arrows.

Gameplay in Loony Quack is really easy for everyone – no complex rules, no annoying controls, just start the game and have fun. Plenty of comic and ridiculous targets won’t let you get bored, and the constant lack of time will be a great challenge for you.


Bring Them Home


By Andrey Harchenko

Great and unique puzzle game in cosmic settings for iOS and Android. Bring Them Home is a story about a team of astronauts stuck in deep space. The player needs use the Drone to solve puzzles and to rescue all astronauts from the orbital station.



Loop Heroes

 South Korea

By Kevin Kim (Socialinus)
South Korea

Tap to save the world, Loop Heroes!

With just one tap, defeat monsters on the opposite side of the Earth! Watch out for traps. Challenge your friends in a highly addictive one-tap game. Let’s see who can tap the best.





By Kevin Loughran
United States

Cog! Leap your way to the top of the clock tower.

  • Elegant design and music make for a soothing experience.
  • Play in either portrait or landscape - we're flexible.
  • Unlock badges and compete against players on our global leaderboards.





By Yuhe Ong

Insanely addictive vertical jumper!

Get ready to jump to greater heights in jumpBlob! This fast-paced, endless vertical jumper promises endless fun with no two games ever alike! Simple one-touch controls make this the perfect game for long subway rides to curb your boredom! 






By Eduard Koloshich

Rebons - hardcore game with unique physics. Use your dexterity to complete all levels. Compete with your friends, moving up the league table. Be prepared to face many challenges in their path.



Curved Racer


By Ferhat Dede

Curved Racer. You need to pay attention more in this slant world. Enjoy it, with great atmosphere and controls by overtaking things confronting suddenly. Those watching Speed movie already know it.

Do not slow down below 80 kmph for a short time; if so your car will explode. Hit the gas! You dare slow down!



Runaway Duffy

 South Korea

By Hyunseok Oh (Softpump)
South Korea

Duffy is a little bird who does not know a hard time under its mother. 
Duffy leave home for the first time and begin an exciting adventure in the forest.
It is an adventure story of baby Duffy with its friends.

Here’s an easy and fun mobile game.
Just tap your screen to play.
Be careful of obstacles in the forest.



Thurs Puzzle


By Pavlo Gronsky

Thurs Puzzle - is a logic 2D game.

A goal of the game is: you have to push the characters from the playing field so that there is only one left. The characters can only be pushed vertically and horizontally.

At this stage there are 240 mind-blowing levels with various obstacles such as rocks, turns, portals, etc. you should try your best to solve all levels.

Congrats to the winner and all the finalists!

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