Is the Contest Free to Enter?

Yes, the contest is 100% free to enter. There's no purchase necessary to enter.


When is The Deadline?

The last day to enter your game has been extended to April 1, 2018.


Who is This Contest For?

Appodeal was originally created by game publishers for publishers and we want to give back to our indie game developer community. Too often we see lots of great mobile games perish due to the lack of players or revenue. 

By running this contest, we want to give games with great potential the Appodeal BLAST OFF they need to take them to the next level.  

While game developers of any sizes or experience are welcome to enter, special consideration will be given to those with more to gain from our BLAST OFF to the next level!

What is the Grand Prize?

The winner of the contest will win a free mobile app install ad campaign powered by Appodeal. The winning game will be advertised across 25,000+ apps serving ads through Appodeal worldwide until 10,000 new players installed the game directly from the ad campaign. 

The winner will also have a unique opportunity for 1-on-1 mentorship with Mobile Gaming Publishers and Industry Experts to help guide the winner's game to reach new levels of success. Through this mentorship, the winner will also have opportunities to be introduced to others within the industry to gain valuable knowledge and the momentum needed to eventually acquire the first 100,000 and even the first 1,000,000 players. 

Mentors include (more may be added):

  • Chris O'Kelly (Director of Mobile Product at Nexon)
  • Marco Busse (Product Optimization Manager at European Games Group)
  • Diana Bogdanova (Senior Publisher’s Success Consultant at Appodeal)

The winning game will get a spot at the Indie Prize and will receive free access and accommodation to attend Casual Connect 2017.

The winning game will also be featured on Appodeal's website, eNewsletter and social media channels for additional exposure to over 50,000 monthly visitors. 

Value of the Grand Prize: $6,000


What Happens After I Enter?

We will review the submissions based on the criteria below and select the top 10 finalists. Once selected, we will notify and publicize the top 10 games. Then there will be a period for the public to vote for their top three favorites. The game with the most votes wins the grand prize!


How Will My Game Be Judged to Be Selected as a Top Ten Finalist?

Your game will be judged based on the following for a total of 70 points:

  • The Hook (30 Points): Is your game fun right from the start?
  • The Mechanics (20 Points): Is your game polished enough for primetime?
  • The Design (10 Points): Is your game visually stunning and creatively thought out?
  • The "Originality" (10 Points): Is your game different than the rest?. 

The top ten games with the highest points will be chosen as a top ten finalist.

Because this contest was designed to boost Indie Game Developers, special consideration will be given to games with the most to gain from our grand prize.


Can I Submit More than One Game?

Yes. You can submit up to two if let's say you've worked on one on your own and another with a team.

Does My Game Need to be Finished?

To a certain extent. Your game must be live in the Apple AppStore, Google Play or Amazon AppStore to be eligible.

What are the Contest Rules?

  • Your mobile game must be free and live in App Store or Google Play in USA.
  • Must be 18 or over to participate.
  • Each person may be directly involved in up to two submissions. This allows you to, among other things, work on a team while making your own solo project.
  • If you've created the game as a team, you may submit the game under your team's name. Duplicate submission of the same game by different team members will be counted as one.
  • Submission must be a game you have personally worked on. Verification will be required if selected as a finalist.
  • Games must be in English.

Creators retain all rights to their respective works. The contest runner (Appodeal) reserves the right to promote the game on the appropriate websites, blogs, social media, etc. as outlined in the prize packages.

The judges will do their best to enforce the rules, but bear no responsibility for any entries that violate the rules against their knowledge.

What is Appodeal?

Simply put, we help game publishers, such as yourself, earn money from their apps through mediating and serving the highest earning ads to their players.

Many top mobile apps and games, such as "100 Doors of Revenge," "Stickman Fighter: Annihilation," “MultiCraft” and 18,000 more, now use Appodeal to monetize more intelligently. Each week, we serve over 1.7 billion mobile ad impressions. Integrating our SDK empowers game publishers to serve ads from 35+ premium ad demand sources and earn money worldwide no matter where players are from. 

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