Which Game Will Win?

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Hundreds of games have been submitted but only one will win. 

The game developer with the most votes wins a unique opportunity for a mobile install ad campaign powered by Appodeal's Intelligent Ad Mediation to acquire 10,000 new players and 1-on-1 mentorships with mobile gaming publishers and experts to blast off his or her game to a new stratosphere of popularity!


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Greedy Bunnies

By Roman Veremchuk (Zagrava Games)

Rabbits’ life isn’t that fun. They have to struggle for food and avoid enemies and obstacles. It’s so difficult to find fresh and juicy carrots in the forest! Greedy Bunnies is an exciting and addictive adventure Match 2 (NOT Match 3!) game with hundreds of smart and balanced levels you may play everywhere. Make perfect matches to lead the bunnies to carrots and feed them. 

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Street League

By Anna Morlans (Yowlu)

Join Turbo in his amazing football adventure around the streets of all over the world!

Street league is a one tap 2D platform game where you will need to run, jump and avoid a whole lot of different enemies and obstacles in order to get to goal and score to complete each level.



Tale of Prisso

By Sumeet Pawar (Arcanheim Softworks) 

Play as Prisso, a prism on a journey across the fantasy world of Lumenos and make your way through twisted crystal caves engulfed in darkness and filled with dangers. Refract and reflect lasers to activate portals to progress. 

Can you defeat the minions of darkness lurking in the shadows and free Lumenos?



Chili Mariachi



By Gabriel Coutinho (Plug & Boom)

It's time to run after some chili thieves!

Travel alongside El Gordo and Pequenito on a journey to retrieve all the chili sauce stolen from their village. Touch the screen to make El Gordo swim up and release to let him swim down. Hit the fire button to launch a fireball and shoot your enemies to oblivion!



Dirty Soccer Online

By Vahit Hanoglu

Soccer has never been that dirty before! Fight fearlessly or forget victory!

A real-time multiplayer online soccer game battled in medieval arenas. Choose your character, team up with live players and join the real-time team battles. Get strategic, score the most and be the worldwide champ.



Gravity Ball

By Benjamin Hamrick (Upside Down Bird)
United States

In Gravity Ball you are alone, just a tiny crystal ball in a frigid, gravity-bending asteroid field. You came this way long ago, but you've forgotten the way. You dimly remember the actions necessary to pass each trial, but not how to use them. Perhaps things have changed in the many millennia since last you came this way. As your crystal material gathers interstellar radiation, you can use it to move yourself, or even, to warp gravity itself. Now, you must traverse the asteroid field using those half-forgotten rituals of the past.



Portal Battles

By Jozsef Toth (Mad Jimmy)

Be the hero in epic battles against Manamots and travel through portals to find your way back home. Challenge your skill and strategy and destroy your enemies, collect crystals, gather resources, and upgrade and craft your guns and weapons with powerups. 

Portal Battles takes you to the future battlefields. Solve simple jewel puzzles in this unique action packed free to play match-3 and tower defense game. 



Just Slide


By Denis Vladimirov (Funny Story Ha)

You can't run, can't flip, can't even jump, all you can do is Just Slide!

Do you like casual, one-tap and one-finger controls in games?
Bad news, we don't have it. Why? Because it's boring and not even close to challenging.

Imagine blob, cat, doge, rabbit, ghost or even santa. Now put them on oiled, very slippery and rotating platform. And finally drop tons of deadly traps, spikes, bombs, arrows and black holes. Perfect. Now you have to save them without losing your mind. Welcome to 'Just Slide'.

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The Little Giant



By Tariq Hamrit (Qalamar)

The Tiny Giant is an award-winning platformer game where you solve puzzles and face hard challenges in a mix of a complex yet minimalist set of levels. Test your skills and find your way around by moving quickly and accurately through the traps and obstacles placed on your way.

Are you gonna be up to the challenge and make the giant pass his hard journey?

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Wild Wiener!



By Christian Savalas (VELDEN)
United States

Seconds to learn, hours to master, WILD-ly addictive!

You are a determined dachshund driven by a thirst for adventure and an unyielding contempt for wildlife. Swiftly swipe your finger to stay alive as you run continually faster past increasingly weaponized critters... Is that one flying a plane!?

The contest has ended! Find out who won here:

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